Money Diary Money Diary Expense Tracker & Budget Planer

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Simple and easy to use

Start tracking, smarter spendings and focus on what matters: income

Ready, analyze, in control

Get notified, set payment reminders, and financial tools to help you save and grow

Safebox wherever you go

support multiple accounts, sync data across devices, foregin exchange rates to assist you on your travel

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Take control of your money.

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Because we care

Bills, receipts, and slips all taken care of

Less tap, less problem

Templae makes it even faster to track transactions

All backed up

one account syncing with all your devices

Customize to fit your style

theme and several icons to choose

Get updated and notified

Know what's ahead and what's coming. how much you spend and earn

designed just to make life a little easier

Easy to understand report

Complete data right in your hands.

Foregin exchange rates

daily update currency rates to help on your travel

Smart calendar

all your daily spendings and income, beautifully organized


Support different type of transactions and accounts


A problem and a solution

Numbers and paper can become really messy. Let's not make accounting difficult than it has to be.

Keeping lots of bills, payment slips, can be frustrating. We hope that Money Diary can be helpful and a friendly tool to have on your devices.

Useful and Easy to use

We focus on developing apps to help people
and make our lives easier and more enjoyable

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